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Strange clown: mystery of the city

Freaky Clown: Town Mystery v2.2.5 (Mod Apk) There is a creepy clown in the neighborhood who always acted creepy and suspicious. He sneaks in at night, hunts for easy prey with his scary evil eyes and grabs them when no one is around. The clown is so cunning that no one has ever heard anyone scream when he kidnaps his prey. The kids in town have called him “Freaky Clown” and he’s still the biggest mystery in town.
“Gumbo the Clown” was always suspected, but there was no evidence against that self-proclaimed prankster clown. This man always managed to escape the clutches of the police. The mystery of the missing children terrorized the neighborhood and continued to spread horror in the hearts of the people.
One terrifying night, Gary and Martin were going out for ice cream. Gary entered the store and on his way back he saw the scary clown kidnapping his friend Martin. Terror filled his heart for fear of losing his friend.
Gary gathered his courage and decided to save his friend and other poor souls from the evil clown. Help Gary sneak into the Clown Lair and save everyone from the horror and evil claws of the strange clown.
Can you solve the evil mystery of this city and face alone the strange clown and his horrors? Go on this horror adventure and play “Freaky Clown: Town Mystery” and discover the evil plans of the clown.
Experience the suspenseful adventure in the scariest horror game of 2020 and reveal the identity of the masked man.
Who is Freaky Clown?

-Ghost mode for a really exciting experience
-Easy and attractive controls
-Scary and spooky environment
-Music full of suspense and emotion
-Variety of fear levels
Strange Clown: Mystery of the City
Strange clown: mystery of the city
Strange clown: mystery of the city
Strange clown: mystery of the city
Strange clown: mystery of the city
Strange clown: mystery of the city

Free purchase to disable ads;
After launching the game, click the round button at the top left to open the mods menu with the ability to make the bot dumb (enable it in the main game menu).


Freaky Clown: Town Mystery v2.2.5 (Mod Apk) – RISE

Freaky Clown: Town Mystery v2.2.5 (Mod Apk) – DRIVING LINK

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