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Hako-Hako! My shopping center

Hako-Hako! My Mall v1.0.59 (Mod Apk) Relive abandoned local shopping malls across Japan.
Create your own shopping center now!


With the rise of massive corporate shopping malls,
The local shopping malls you once grew up in were closing one by one.

Now that most of the shops are gone, the place feels so deserted.
Your family’s tofu shop will soon have the same fate …

“No! We can’t end like this!
With this strong will in mind,
You decided to make the local mall thrive again!
And then you start working on this great revival plan.

*How to play

Build new stores and raise funds!
Update your stores and buy new equipment to increase profits!
With more funds, you can build more stores!

Beware! Bad characters can also come to your mall!
Take care of them quickly or build special facilities to keep them away!

You can also configure a variety of cityscape elements and decorations!
From tiles to vegetation and decorative objects!
It is up to you to create a lively atmosphere!

Earn a reputation and you can move to new areas!

* Tips for playing

-Remember to update the stores!
-Set up the police box to keep suspects away!
-Check the requests of the townspeople and respond immediately!
-Create a special shopping center with your creativity!

* Recommends players to:

-Love the atmosphere of good local shopping malls
-I love to travel all over Japan
-You want to create shopping centers to your liking.
-Enjoy shopping center simulation games
-Admire miniature models
Hako-Hako! My shopping center
Hako-Hako! My shopping center
Hako-Hako! My shopping center
Hako-Hako! My shopping center
Hako-Hako! My shopping center

the use of enough silver coins without reducing but increasing
Use enough gold bricks to unlock the material and get lots of gold bricks.


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