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Kick the Critter - Smash It!

Kick the Critter – Smash It! v1.5 (Mod Apk) “Kick the Critter is fun, colorful and highly addictive, an excellent match for any game to fight for.” Supergamedroid

“I was surprised by the amount of time I spent with Kick the Critter. Smash hit! since it’s the kind of game that scares you. I had burned a battery when I reached the end of area two, and I had a great time there. ” Slimgamer

The history
Mr. Critter (Mr. C. to friends, if he had any) is a silly little creature living in a colorful and cartoon world. Once upon a time it started to rain and all the crazy little monsters had to flee from the next flood. Most found safety on the grumpy old man’s boat, but some stayed behind. And although he asked politely, the Grumpy Old Man refused to take Mr. Critter with him on his boat.

So here we are … Mr. Critter stays behind and has to find his own way to the ship and show the Grumpy Old Man that he messed with the wrong crackpot! Fortunately there is a catapult in the shape of a gigantic boot (called “The Kicker”), and it can be launched into the air. That’s where you come in …

The controls
Your objective is to keep Mr. C. in the air as long as possible, without slowing down and hitting the ground. Our little bug friend has no wings, so he has to rely on other bugs to stay airborne. The most convenient way to stay airborne is to crash into other crazy little monsters (called “Batties”) that you encounter in the sky. When you press the screen, Mr. C. starts spinning like crazy and crashes into everything in front of him. When you hit something (like diamonds and monsters), Mr. C. bounces and his speed and altitude will increase. Crashing into other flying monsters will not be enough, sometimes you have to bounce on the ground. Of course, this will reduce your speed and height. Fortunately, there are power-ups / power-ups on the ground that can launch it again (like a super robot or a cannon). Mr. Critter will also find other creatures running around on the ground that he can use for even higher bounces.

The kicker
Each game begins with the release of Mr. Critter kicking him with a giant boot (hard love?). Adjust the power and trajectory to launch our silly friend into the air. The Kicker can be improved by purchasing updates or unlocking new versions. You start with a basic boot kicker, but you can unlock a battering ram, a cannon, a ray gun, etc. Use diamonds to buy items in the store. These diamonds can be found on all levels and inside loot chests, which appear after a certain distance.

Update the kicker to:
– Better aiming precision
– Powerful kicks
– Extra kicks, for when you are about to crash

The bug
Updating the Kicker will not solve all the problems for our crazy little monster. Give it improvements and advantages by collecting stars. These stars can be obtained by reaching a certain distance or leveling up. Higher levels will also unlock some silly new passive skills.

Update Mr C. to:
– Increased jumping and breaking ability
– More absurd enhancements and enhancers
– Increased speed and altitude.

The mini games
This silly cartoon will keep you hooked due to humorous gameplay and silly mini-games. Unlock the following absurd but entertaining mini-games by leveling up your creature:
– The floor is lava
– you are drunk Mr. C.
– Soviet Critter
– Get down and cover yourself!
– Flappy Batty

Fun and laughter
Kick the Critter: Smash Him is a type of “puzzle” and “arcade” game with a colorful 2D art style and fast paced soundtrack. Make your way through the air and face the grumpy old man at the end. Prepare for launch. Turn on. Objective. Hit. Bounce. And … pretend to fly!

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Kick the Critter - Smash It!
Kick the Critter - Smash It!
Kick the Critter - Smash It!
Kick the Critter - Smash It!
Kick the Critter - Smash It!
Kick the Critter - Smash It!

Unconditional use of gold coins and stars.


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