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Kingdom of the Winds: Comet

Kingdom of the Winds: Kite v1.2.109 (Mod Apk) Nexon spray squirrels!
Ba ~ Ram of-Nara-of wind → Nara appeared on mobile!

■ Re-feel the moment you missed it!
Acorns are out of stock at the butchers ~ Give Yeonsil the Dongdongju! Speaking
The busy South of Buyeo and East Korea, and the people who chatted together
Feel the moments you lost in your hands now.

■ Enjoy the fun of the MMORPG!
From the beginner hunting ground to the celestial world, the thrill of Deuk-tem on the wide hunting ground!
You can also play with a sense of tension with an instant duel that is possible anywhere with PK’s hunting grounds!

■ Try raising your own character!
Stamina and horsepower according to my strategy, cute appearance as I want!
Herb hunting with Hellfire? First of all, a large hunting area? Technical polishing after changing jobs according to my style
Grow your own character!

■ It’s fun to yell just behind the lion! Happy wind together!
After an exciting group search, go to a chat room! Play and chat together!
Don’t forget to give your group personality and leave a guest book!

■ Cooperate together and try to attack!
Resurrection Master, save a single hit! Even if you don’t scream, you can quickly match your favorite group anytime, anywhere.
Cooperate with your work and challenge the Raid Boss! The raid gear obtained after attacking is a bonus!

■ Landscape / portrait mode, play how you like!
Both portrait mode for one-handed enjoyment and landscape mode for great viewing!
Anytime, anywhere you want to play comfortably!

■ The fastest way to check the news of ‘The Kingdom of the Wind: Comet’!
Go to the official community: https://forum.nexon.com/baramy/
Go to the official site: https://baramy.nexon.com
Land of the Wind: Kite TV Shortcut: https://i.nx.com/6Cf

[Smartphone App Access Permission Guide]By using the application, we are requesting access to provide the following services.

[Optional access rights]Camera – required for shooting to upload photos and videos.
Photo / Media / File: You need to save video and upload photos and videos.
Phone – Needed to collect mobile phone numbers to send advertising text messages.
* You can use the service even if you do not agree to allow optional access rights.

[How to revoke access rights]-Android 6.0 or higher: Settings> Applications> Select permission item> Permission list> Select consent or withdraw access permission
-On Android 6.0: update the operating system to revoke access or remove applications
※ The app may not provide an individual consent feature, and you can revoke access using the above method.

This game can be purchased for partially paid items. Additional costs may be incurred when purchasing partially paid items.
All matters related to the use of this game are the Nexon Mobile Terms of Use (https://m.nexon.com/terms/535) and the Nexon Privacy Policy (https: //m.nexon .com / terms / 7) You can check it.
Developer Contact:
1588-7701바람 의 나라: 연
바람 의 나라: 연
바람 의 나라: 연
바람 의 나라: 연
바람 의 나라: 연
바람 의 나라: 연

1. Mod menu
2. Movement speed multiplier (x1 – x20)
* for the next mission Use movement speed x5


Kingdom of the Winds: Kite v1.2.109 (Mod Apk) – RISE

Kingdom of the Winds: Kite v1.2.109 (Mod Apk) – DRIVING LINK

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