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PUA - The Story of the Collection Artist

PUA – The Pickup Artist Story v1.7.8 (Mod Apk) Looking for the best romance simulator?
Learn the rules of THE GAME and become the best collecting artist (PUA) of ALL TIME!
Make your own story: flirt and seduce women, connect, go on dates, exercise and delve into your hearts or … in the bedroom!
Dive into stories that will blow your mind! Make the right decisions and any girl could fall in love with you.
Do you have everything you need to pick up the hottest girls out there? Master the art of seduction and romance, and join the PUA society!
Make your move NOW and play the gathering artist!

– Create your amazing character that no woman will resist!
– Flirt and seduce sexy girls: choose who you want to hit and move!
– Connect and captivate the ladies with your witty jokes, give them gifts and shake them with your knowledge.
– Go out and choose the right strategy for the right girl!
– Work on the chemistry between the two of you and combine the correct elements to create amazing reactions!
– With each girlfriend you earn, you will earn more XP points and become more popular!
– Write your own story as the best lover of all time!
– Compete with your friends and show them who is the best PUA!

– Pump some iron and go to the gym.
– Boxing, basketball, tennis or golf: practice your favorite sports!
– Train to stay fit and impress ladies!
– The fitter you are, the better chance you have of dating all the sexy girls!

– Get an amazing job before starting your romance story!
– Learn to play the guitar, sing or dance: the ultimate PUA is a man of many talents!
– Flirt and show off your amazing skills to seduce the girl you love.

– Choose your clothes, wardrobe and style. Wear a suit, put on a tuxedo or a casual shirt and jacket, whatever works for the ladies!
– Visit the store and choose a stylish or elegant outfit that will knock women out of the fight!
– Treat yourself to maximize your chances of picking up the sexiest girls!
– Get a massage, go to a spa or get a tan! Ladies always appreciate a handsome man!

Get ready for the best dating experience and master THE GAME rules! Train, hook, flirt, date, and get as many girlfriends as you can!
Become the best PUA and sweep all the sexy girls!
PUA - The Story of the Collection Artist
PUA - The Story of the Collection Artist
PUA - The Story of the Collection Artist
PUA - The Story of the Collection Artist
PUA - The Story of the Collection Artist
PUA - The Story of the Collection Artist

limited money

Almost everything in this game is server side, however, I found a small flaw that could give you as many coins as you want, it is up to you how much you try, so in the ZIP file I have included a BYPASS and MOD APK, the apk of Bypass is an original game without mods, and the mod apk has the MOD when you install the MOD APK, go to the pub or sports center where you can do it with Skill or Luck, and you choose Luck, your energy will never decrease, nor will you gain XP, BUT You will win the coins, you can keep pressing the luck button for as long as you want to cultivate some coins, then, once satisfied, just install BYPASS APK on MOD APK and continue your game. Since I haven’t fully played this game, I don’t know where the mod would work, but if it does somewhere where you can earn tons of coins or gems then it’s fine.
To make your life easier, I added MOD MENU, so just read what is written above but ignore the BYPASS APK part as you won’t need it, now just disable the mod whenever you want and continue playing your game normally.

Install steps:
Download UPS
Open the app and press the blue button and you will see “Install APK”
Browse to the zip file you just downloaded and select the .apks file you just downloaded.
Select the file and press the blue “Select” button that you see at the bottom right of the screen
The APK will begin to install
You will receive a pop-up window saying that the application has been installed. You can open from there or go to the home screen to open the game.


PUA – The Pickup Artist Story v1.7.8 (Mod Apk) – LOADED

PUA – The Pickup Artist Story v1.7.8 (Mod Apk) – ZIPPYSHARE

PUA – The Pickup Artist Story v1.7.8 (Mod Apk) – DRIVING LINK

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